One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Every time we get a new batch of chickens their first few eggs are twins. You’d think we’d be over it by now, but it just never gets old. Also, that first fried egg from a nice backyard hen after months and months of store bought bland eggs is quite possibly the most delightfully tasty treat in the world.


Omelet Waffles

I recently saw this article about alternative uses for a waffle maker. Sorry, I cannot presently find it, but we finally experimented with the recipes and here’s what we came up with:


Everyone agreed they were delish, so as far as breakfast foods, this one’s a keeper.

For fixings we used onions, ham, bacon, asparagus, cheese, and green chile. We put the stuff on the hot waffle maker, then poured the egg mixture over, sprinkled salt and pepper and then peeked occasionally until they looked done.

The only drawback was that the finished product didn’t pop off the waffle maker super easily.

Fresh Eggs with a Feather in Top


How do I know the eggs are fresh? Why, there’s a feather stuck to the shell.