Dancing My Heart Out

“Are you a dancer?”

This is not something I ever expected to hear someone say to me. A dancer? Me? Um, no. I mean, I can move myself around on a dance floor and follow a beat and learn steps and such. But dancer? Like someone who DOES dance? As a thing? Um, no. My extrovertedness does not extend that far and I’m not much of a performer.

I go to Jazzercise on a semi-regular basis and we call what we do in class dancing. Which I suppose it is, but really I think of dancing as something smooth and twirly. What we do at Jazzercise is more of a butt-kicking, sweat inducing cardio workout. But just before class, when this woman asked me if I’m a dancer I laughed and said, “Bless your heart, I think that’s one of the sweetest things someone has said to me in a while.” I mean, I would assume it implies that I seem to know how to move this leg and that leg in somewhat smoothly whilst trying to follow the instructor’s set and pouring sweat like a fountain. If it wasn’t a compliment then I guess the joke’s on me.

I’m not an athlete, or a dancer for that matter. I was one of those kids in grade school and high school who avoided everything that remotely resembled physical activity. Well, there was that time in gym class where we did cross-country and I found that I could run a mile without dying and also not be the last one in. And there was the time that we did soccer and I found I rather enjoyed running back and forth on the field. I was no good at doing anything *with* the ball, but that’s not important here. And then there was the volleyball sessions where I stayed as far away from the ball as possible because I didn’t want to ram my wrist and not be able to go to orchestra rehearsal. And there was the time I was pretending to be the goalie and got slammed in the side of the head with a soccer ball. No thank you. That was about the end of any tiny interest in sports or body movement.

Oh, and dancing? Well, there was that time at a high school dance where I was a wall flower. Yeah. And my friend found some guy to dance with me and it was so embarrassing. Anyone remember high school dances in the 80s? We did not look like Footloose. Later in high school, when I passed out of the awkward Junior High stage, we did go out salsa dancing a few times, but that was different, there were steps to follow.

A friend of mine who was standing next to me this morning laughingly answered for me, “She’s a dancer the minute she walks in the door to class.” And that’s basically it. After 5 years of Jazzercising, I love to step into the room, find my place, ignore everything around me, put my brain on pause, watch the instructor in the front of the room, listen to music I never would have listened to before, and move like no one is watching, dancing my heart out. So, am I a dancer? Yeah, I guess, for about an hour a day, I am, but only in my mind.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Every time we get a new batch of chickens their first few eggs are twins. You’d think we’d be over it by now, but it just never gets old. Also, that first fried egg from a nice backyard hen after months and months of store bought bland eggs is quite possibly the most delightfully tasty treat in the world.


Lost Pictures

I had this great post all ready to go today. My husband and I went on a 7+ mile walk meandering around the city, past a cemetery that I love, with a stop at a coffee shop we’ve never been to before. There was a sign from the 1920s and some cool mural art. So cool. I wish I could post it here. Alas, my phone decided to eat those pictures. Stupid technology. I hate it when stuff like that happens.

Once upon a time, I didn’t rely on my iPhone for pictures of our meandering adventures. I took pictures with a real camera. And by real, I mean one of those that requires a roll of film in order to get a picture.

I remember driving to my favorite film developer, dropping the film off, waiting impatiently for the film to be done, driving back to pick up the film, enthusiastically ripping the envelope apart right away to look at the pictures, sometimes being disappointed with some of the shots, and then at some point putting the pics into a photo album. I put every. single. picture into a photo album. I have 20 such albums sitting in a closet in my house.

Eight years ago we bought a digital camera and we created a Flickr account. This is the status of my last, and as yet unfinished, photo album:


Every photo past that point is on Flickr (please Flickr, don’t ever scare me like you did a few years ago when we all thought you were closing up your doors).

At least my iPhone can’t delete those pics. And maybe I’ll even finish that album one of these days. :D


Snowy Desert

I’m over winter this year. As I have documented previously, I’m not a fan of snow. Yes, I realize this is good moisture for the ground, but I prefer that in the form of warm rain in the summer.

Omelet Waffles

I recently saw this article about alternative uses for a waffle maker. Sorry, I cannot presently find it, but we finally experimented with the recipes and here’s what we came up with:


Everyone agreed they were delish, so as far as breakfast foods, this one’s a keeper.

For fixings we used onions, ham, bacon, asparagus, cheese, and green chile. We put the stuff on the hot waffle maker, then poured the egg mixture over, sprinkled salt and pepper and then peeked occasionally until they looked done.

The only drawback was that the finished product didn’t pop off the waffle maker super easily.

Introducing: Press Publish Events


So excited about this!

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:

In 2014, we discovered how much WordPress.com bloggers want to connect with each other and do more with their blogs — tens of thousands of you have participated in Blogging U since it began a year ago!

This year, we’re starting an in-person event series called Press Publish for people who want to take their blogs even further, starting with two conferences this spring in Portland, OR and Phoenix, AZ. These events will focus on inspiration and tools from WordPress.com, though people blogging on any platform will be welcome. Speakers will be a combination of awesome WordPress.com bloggers and staff members including folks from the Happiness Team, Blogging U, and the Theme Team — in short, the WordPress.com experts. :)

We’re at the “Save the Date” stage: March 28 in Portland and April 18 in Phoenix. We’re putting together the program now, and will start announcing speakers, schedule, and pricing later this month. To…

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