When in Buenos Aires

My job takes me to cool places every now and then. When I travel, I don’t always get see a whole lot of the city I’m in. For example, I’ve been in Buenos Aires for 4 days and I have spent my time working with my coworkers and attending a conference. I’ve seen the route from the airport to the hotel and then from the hotel to the conference venue so far. Oh, and a few local Starbucks for wifi usage.

Today, at Interaction South America 2014, I stood (and sat) at a booth, talked to attendees about WordPress (both .com and self-hosted), gave a brief sponsor shpeel to the conference attendees on the main stage, and chatted with local WordPress community folks about local WordCamps and about Spanish translations of WordPress.

On the way back to the hotel from our work today we finally took a moment to head off to see some sights. We saw La Casa Rosada down the street en route back to the hotel and took a brief detour so we could check it out. We made it 5 minutes before they closed so we were able to walk through many of the halls.


Does this count as a selfie?


I love courtyards, especially ones with fountains.


Check out these floors. I was afraid to step on them they’re so amazing.


After the Pink House, we wandered a bit. A few cars were not too happy with our wandering ways.


We have a Florida Street in Albuquerque too :)


So Much Meat

Went out to dinner with some friends in Buenos Aires and this is only a small part of the meat we consumed. Pictured here is kidney, throat??, blood sausage, and intestines. Of course the real names are lovely and delicious sounding.

Automattic Lexicon: +t +d


A fantastic break down of the usage of one of my favorite terms, written by one of my coworkers.

Originally posted on Revolutionize the way hospitality is done on the internet:

Automattic is a fully distributed company; we all work from where ever we are, any flat surface with access to the internet. This comes with many benefits, as well as some curious downsides, but one of the most interesting things is the way that a fully global, exclusively-online working community interacts socially.

Like any group who spends time on the internet (ie in 2014, most groups) we are exposed to different memes and cultural references, and like any group, we create our own sort of tropes and references and inside jokes. One of these is “+t +d.”


“+t +d” on the most superficial level is an abbreviation of an abbreviation – you begin with “Totally, Definitely,” which is reduced to save time and increase it’s cool factor, to “Totes Def,” which of course is naturally shortened even further to “+t +d.”

Yes, there are those who see this as an…

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