Press Club Bluegrass

I’ve always wanted to see the inside of the Albuquerque Press Club. All it took was my brother and his banjo and a bluegrass jam session. It’s about what I expected. Dark, smokey, lots of wood. Sort of like a log cabin. 


Mini Santa

My daughter and I have been working on miniatures to sell at a craft fair. Last year we stuck to Nativity Sets. This year we’re branching out to Santa. (Pencil for scale)


I realized today that I haven’t put any new stickers on my cello case in years. The last sticker I put on it was for an organization my dad worked with in Kazakstan in the late 90s. Today I noticed it was getting a bit frayed around the edges so I added some Jetpack stickers and a small WP one I had lying around.



Here’s the full effect of today’s sticker frenzy:



Chicken Coop Upgrade

My father, my husband, and my kids are working on Arnold Coop 3. Chicken Coop Ver. 1 was a shed with a makeshift chicken wire fence. Ver. 2 was a lovely fully enclosed sprawling mansion made by my dad. This current version uses portions of Ver. 2 but with some modifications.

A few months ago Dad tore down the old run. Here’s the remains:


The old roost/nesting boxes have been moved to a new location and my team reworked the walls completely. I don’t have many pics of Ver. 2, but here is something of a comparison. We basically moved the nesting boxes from the front side of the coop area to the far right end.

The coop area is also a lot smaller, easier to clean and maintain now.

It’ll be fun to have fresh eggs again. :)



Accidental Photography

While looking through some pictures of a recent outing I noticed this picture. At first, I thought, oh, geez, it’s blurry and overly bright. Then I took a second look and thought, wow, that’s actually kind of cool. I love the light, and while I wish I had the know how to tone it down, I like it as is, un-edited.


See how my daughter’s hand is resting on the ladder in preparation to climb out of the kiva? The intense look on her face is pretty cool too.

I love paintings that use light a la Vermeer and while this is far (far, far) from a masterpiece, it makes me happy to look at it.