Running and Ranting

Let me just start by saying that I love dogs. They are cute, cuddly, and great to have around.

I like to run at a nearby park. It’s big and grassy, there’s enough room to run almost 3 miles without looping around too much. There are many signs around the park, posted in super obvious places. They are as follows:

* Don’t climb the fence into the US air base
* Don’t jog through the dog park
* Pick up your dog’s poo
* Keep your dog on a leash

No one breaks the first one. The consequences are pretty clear. The second is also easy as well. I’ve never seen anyone run through the dog park, not sure why anyone would want to. :)

That brings me to the two that seem to be giving people trouble. Trying to avoid stepping in the poo in the grass is like trying to avoid getting blown up in a land mine. I’ve got piles of bags at home I’d be happy to make available. I’m really not quite sure why people think it’s ok to leave their dog’s business behind.

And today, again, I had to pause my run to ask a man to call his dog off. I don’t know much about dogs, but I know they like to run after things and in my experience, every loose dog along the running path runs after me. Oh, I believe the owners when they call to me from 29 feet away from their dog that they won’t bite and that they are “really friendly”. I am sure all the dogs are just as sweet as can be, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that there are leash laws. There is also a special large area just for dogs. That by the way, I am not allowed to run through. And I don’t.

Let me be clear, I like dogs. I do. If a person is close in proximity to their dog, that’s great. If a dog responds quickly and if an owner is super super aware of other people, then I’m not that particular. But a dog bounding up to me as the owner walks casually away is not ok with me. So, to the man at the park today: Yes, sir, I’m afraid of your dog. When I’m running through the park and a large animal bounds up to me? You bet it makes me nervous. Keep your eye on your dog. Let him run loose for a while, but if you can’t keep tabs on your dog, then get yourself to the dog park.

Working Out the Demons

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate a good workout. When I was younger, sweating was disgusting to me. I couldn’t stand the thought. I was the girl who found any excuse to get out of gym class and I was a lost cause as far as any sort of athleticism went.

A few years ago, a friend gave me a free trial for Jazzercise. I laughed inside. But I think this friend is pretty awesome so I figured I’d give it a go.

And it turns out I love it. So much.

So at the end of a long day I go to my local Jazzercise center and work out the demons for an hour. I’m certain that I must look like I’m not enjoying myself, but the truth is, I’m completely zoned out, mellowed, winding down, and decompressing. The louder the music, the better so I can’t hear my own thoughts. It’s even a cure for a headache.

The good news is, it no longer looks like this:


Making New Friends

I am shy.

No, really. I am.

I find it very hard to go up to people I don’t know and start a conversation. When I was in business for myself I had to go to these marketing/networking functions to try to drum up business and I would often find myself quietly walking around hoping and wishing someone would come up to me and start a conversation. I’d often leave without having talked to a single person. If someone would start a conversation with me, then I was totally fine. Ice broken. Friends forever.

Whenever possible I take someone with me to a functions where I don’t know anyone. Just recently I took my 13 and 15 year olds with me to a non-profit event. I knew the organizers, but I knew they would be busy so I wouldn’t be able to do my typical stick-like-glue-to-your-side-so-I don’t-have-to-be-alone thing.

They are shy too, so the three of us sat in a corner and talked all evening :D

I recently realized that this shyness comes off as a bit of snobbery. Especially if one minute I am chatting like crazy with someone I know and the next minute I am hiding in a corner trying to look suave. I suppose the people I don’t chat with think I’m avoiding them?

The moral of this story: If you see me at a party or some sort of event and I don’t know you, come on over and chat. We’ll be BFFs, I promise.

Green-Eyed Monster

I have house envy.

On the one hand I love the house we live in. It’s small relative to the size of our family, but we intentionally bought small so we’d have less to keep up with.

Our old house had four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a family room, a living room, dining room, and kitchen (of course, it had a kitchen :) ) There were at least three rooms that we never used. But those rooms still got dirty. And we still had to clean them.

I get house envy when we take walks about the neighborhood. There are a few houses that catch my eye and I find myself getting really envious of the features: the landscaping, the extra floor on the top of the house, the nice balcony, the paint scheme, the super cool adobe brick wall around the front, the shade from a huge tree in the front yard, the nice wooden shades on the front windows, and the list goes on.

Then I come home to my sweet little house. It’s so cute. We have so many memories there and it suits us. And you know what? Someone probably walks by my house and thinks it’s cute and has house envy. Weird.

What I think about. Things that happen to me. Stuff I like. And other things.

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