Join Us in the Fight For Net Neutrality


I love that the company I work for cares about these things.

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“Net Neutrality” is the simple but powerful principle that cable and broadband providers must treat all internet traffic equally. Whether you’re loading a blog post on, streaming House of Cards on Netflix, or browsing handcrafted tea cozies on Etsy, your internet provider can’t degrade your connection speed, block sites, or charge a toll based on the content that you’re viewing.

Net neutrality has defined the internet since its inception, and it’s hard to argue with the results: the internet is the most powerful engine of economic growth and free expression in history. Most importantly, the open internet is characterized by companies, products, and ideas that survive or fail depending on their own merit — not on whether they have preferred deals in place with a broadband service provider. Unfortunately, the principle of net neutrality, and the open internet that we know and love, is under attack.

Net Neutrality under…

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Wall of SPAM

No really. This really happened. I’ve never seen so much SPAM in one place in my life. I mean, do people really eat enough SPAM to warrant this quantity in stock?


There's no need to act stupid ... even though you're really good at it.

Words to Live by: Food Truck Edition

I want these signs for my house. We saw these at a navajo taco/coffee food truck near Monument Valley, the kids and I had a huge giggle over them.

Stress Reduction


Trees of Chocolate and Blackboards of Milk

The other day my dad sent me a poem I wrote when I was in Kindergarten in Lima, Peru. Read on and be amazed:

I used to be a tree of chocolate,
But now I am a blackboard of milk.
I used to be a pen of chocolate,
But now I am a table.
I used to be a basket,
But now I am a box.
I used to a shirt,
But now I am a hair.
I used to be a ball
But now I am a face of chocolate.

Isn’t that adorable? I wonder what I was trying to say. Apparently the writing prompt was to describe myself. Hm. I didn’t even like chocolate until I was in my 20s.

For posterity I am including the original below.


Homeschooling: What a Trip

A few weeks ago at our weekly park outing one of the moms brought a picture that we took of the kids about, oh, I don’t know, 4 years ago? It got me thinking about the people we’ve known through our homeschool journey. Over the years that we’ve homeschooled our kids, we’ve been blessed with a fantastic community of fellow homeschoolers. But, as happens, things change. We’ve moved away from good friends, some good friends have moved away, some have stopped homeschooling to attend public or private school so we see them less, some have left as a result of conflicts, some have simply drifted away. 

I’m feeling particularly nostalgic after a Not Back to School* party with our homeschool group. We’ve known these families for eight years, ever since we moved to New Mexico. And it just hit me how very amazing it is to share this crazy path we’ve all chosen.

I hope you’ll allow me this moment to wax sentimental about all the gifts we received from these women and their children: camaraderie, tears, laughter, sounding boards, reality checks, and more. And here we are, pictured below. Thing is, while you see 13 women, I see dozens more. In the picture in my mind I see all the homeschooling moms, dads and grandparents I’ve known for the 10 years I’ve been doing this thing. These are my people. What a trip!


I was so glad one of the moms suggested taking a picture of the group because we moms usually forget to photograph ourselves. We don’t often forget to take a picture of the kiddos ;-)

* In the homeschool community, a party to celebrate the start of the home school year.